About Us

For over 15 years, Combat Splat Paintball has proved to be one of the best performing attractions in the region and one of the best paintball events in the UK. We are an independent paintball site which allows flexibility and low honest prices. Why choose us for your event?

10 Miles from the M4 (Junction 16), 22 Miles from the M5.

Impeccable Health and Safety record.

Regularly updated game zones.

Photos of your session uploaded to Facebook.

Open 7 days a week (Min 12 Players, if no other bookings).

Frequently tested and updated equipment.


Specialists in Under 16 Paintball...

At Combat Splat all players must be Aged 10+. Under 16's are in fact our most popular age group and obviously with younger groups they require more guidance to keep them safe whilst in action. Under 16's receive:

Full Head Goggles

Impact Vests

Barell Bungs

Separate Games from Adults (subject to numbers not absolutely guaranteed)

Extra Marshall Guidance

Discounted Half Term Sessions


Morning Session

9.15/9.30 AM


Please arrive for no later than 9.30am, late arrivals delay other players and start times. Upon arrival head to the shop and check your group in, hand in consent forms (U16's) / sign disclaimers and pay any remaining balance you may have.

12.15/12.30 PM

Afternoon Session
9.40 AM

Equipment Provided 

All players are provided with Overalls, Full Face Goggles and their 1st tube of paintballs. We also have optional impact vests available for everyone.

12.40 PM
9.50 AM

Safety Talk

Full safety briefing from the site manager and demonstration of how the guns work. Site rules are permanently displayed at either end of the reception area.

12.50 PM
10.00 AM

Game Time

A minimum of 4 games are played with a half day session. Players return to the reception area after each game to reload and clean goggles. Games vary but last between 15-20 minutes.

1.00 PM

12.15/12.30 PM


Lunch is provided for all Full Day groups, we use Domino's for our catering and each player gets their own personal pizza. Domino's can also be added to half day sessions for an additional £8 per person. This must be booked in advance.



Without the correct procedures in place paintball can be a dangerous activity however at Combat Splat safety is always our priority and in most cases we over emphasise just to make sure. Our excellent safety record is evidence that we are doing things right!

How we make our venue as safe as possible:

Players provided with full body overalls and full face, eye and ear protective goggles. All goggles are checked weekly and before each session to ensure that they in good condition. 

Safety talk at the start of the session carried out by the site manager

Two large safety talk summary signs at either end of the reception area for a permanent reminder of the rules in place.

If rules are broken then we have no hesitation in removing players from games should they put others or themselves at risk.

Trained Marshalls supervise each game- at least 1 Marshall per 15 Players and more often than not the ratio is much lower

Safe Zones within the Gamezones for players to go once they are out of paintballs or lives. A clear boundary of who is playing and who isn't.

Signs throughout the venue reminding players that goggles are to remain on and highlight Safe Zone locations.

All guns are regularly speed checked to ensure they are firing at regulated speeds- Between 250-280FPS

All guns have safety catches and between games players are given Barrel Bungs to prevent incidents from accidental firing.

The woodland and all constructions are regularly monitored and checked

Qualified First Aiders on site, marshalls have radio contact at all times and mobile phone carried in case of emergency. First aid kit available in reception area- checked and updated weekly.

Aged 10 Q&A


Let’s go straight in there with the most popular paintball question of all time…


1) Firstly did you get shot and if so did it hurt?

  • Not really. I only got shot once which was on the leg.
  • (All Juniors are given FULL HEAD helmets and Impact Vests)


2) What was the reason for your visit?

  • I’ve been twice, the first time I played it was my birthday, the second time it was my cousins birthday.


3) What was your favourite game?

  • The flag game in the field was the best even though it was quite scary watching the other team run towards us.
  • The second time I played we didn’t do the field as it was too wet so we stayed in the wood. The best game that day was the church.
  • (Typically in the winter months we leave the field if it gets too muddy and we stay in the woodland)


4) Did you play against adults?

  • My dad and uncle played but otherwise it was just kids.
  • (All Under 16's play in their own session, the odd parent are more than welcome to play or watch)


5) Was it safe?

  • The marshalls kept telling us that if we took our goggles off we wouldn’t play again. They had straps under our chin anyway so we couldn’t.
  • (We start the session with a briefing, marshalls watch the games and ensure rules are carried out throughout)


6) How many paintballs did you use?

  • I can't remember, my dad sorted them out for the group.
  • (300 per person is a venue average. Callums group started on 200 and then his dad upgraded on the day)


7) Did you have food onsite?

  • Both times we had pizza and birthday cake at the end which was cool.
  • (Pizza can be ordered from Domino's at reduced prices, we do have a small shop on site but feel free to bring anything you like)


and the most important question... even though it’s your 2nd visit!


8) Would you play again?

  • It was epic. My scout group are looking to play soon hopefully.

Our venue is constantly being updated to bring new and exciting game zones to our regular customers, adding greatly to your paintball experience. Our site is still fully operational whilst this work is undertaken, check our website and social media for updates of our new areas.

Wild West Town

Wild West Town

Cowboys vs Indians! The attacking team starts in the Indian Village and must place poison inside the Well. Defending team has to stay within the walls of the Wild West Town. Lots of buildings, barriers and straw bales.

(Viewing Tower for Parents)

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

One of the most famous and straight forward paintball scenario games. Both teams have a flag outside their base. To win you must capture the opponents flag and return to your base with lives intact. Course includes vantages points, towers, a vehicle and many barriers.

Church & Graveyard

Church & Graveyard

To win, the attacking team must enter the Church and ring the Bell inside the tower. Sounds simple but very few teams manage to win this! The Church now has two entrances and higher perimeter walls!

Everyone that has played at Combat Splat remembers the Church!

Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall

Within the courtyard of Hadrians Wall lies the Roman Standard. The attacking team must capture this safely back to their start point. The defending team has raised platforms and towers behind a 10ft wall.

Paintball Rugby

Paintball Rugby

Rugby like you have never played before! A fast and very tactical team game. Both teams start with their own different coloured Rugby ball and must score a try at the oppositions end.

In the centre of the field we also have a flag heist game for a different scenario.


  • Group size

    We require a minimum of 12 players to open the site however if you would like to play on a weekend then we will almost certainly have other groups in so individuals are more than welcome. If you have less than 12 in your group and no other groups booked in then we will provide a list of alternative dates as well as keeping you updated in case your original date receives interest.

  • Consent forms

    It is important that every player signs in on arrival. For younger groups, we require a consent form for each player under the age of 18.

  • Clothing

    All players are provided with full body overalls and full face, ear and eye protective goggles. For younger players and women, chest and back impact vests are available. Players are encouraged to wear comfortable old clothes underneath and bring appropriate footwear that they are prepared to get wet and muddy in the woodland, and any other weather dependant clothing such as a hat and gloves.

  • How much is it?

    We recommend a half day session for all younger groups. These are available as a morning session (9.30am - 12.30 pm) or an afternoon session (12.30pm - 3.30 pm) We feel this is more than adequate for the younger, more trigger happy players! With the cost of kids birthdays in mind, we have created the Sniper Package, available at only £20.00 a head, this is designed to reduce the one off cost to parents. This package includes all gun and equipment hire and 200 paintballs per player. For a full day the average used is 600 Paintballs and is available with lunch for £45.00 per person. More information on our other packages, half day or full day, are available

  • Deposits

    You will be required to pay a deposit of £10 per person in order to secure this booking. The deposit will be used as a guarantee of attendance - Attending players can take £10 from their package selection on arrival.

    Please note the deposit is non refundable once the booking has been made but can be transferred to another date.


  • Do Under 16's stay together?

    We run both Under 16 and Over 16 sessions, obviously Dads (and Mums!) often like to play as well within the Under 16 session which is fine. Remember that all games are watched by trained marshalls.

  • Do parents have to stay on site?

    It is a preference that parents stay on site especially with young groups, however this is not a requirement. As long as we have contact information for the parents it shoudn't be a problem. There are viewing windows to view some game zones and snacks and hot drinks are available for those who decide to stay.

  • Rules

    The most important thing to consider whilst playing paintball is to keep your goggles on at all times, in all areas of the game zones. If any players are seen removing goggles in game zones or safety zones we will not hesitate to exclude any players from the game and consider exclusion from further games. This is only to ensure player safety. On the day we will go though a full and thorough safety briefing. 

  • Is it safe?

    Paintballs can bruise the skin so expect children to come home with a few bumps and bruises. We provide players with overalls, body armour and full face goggles to reduce pain, risk of injury and to ensure kids can play in confort and safety. The paintballs themselves are made out of gelatine skinned balls filled with a vegetable based food colorant designed to decompose as quickly as possible, and more importantly for you, wash out of clothes!

  • Food and Drink

    There is plenty of space in the reception area if any parents would like to sort out party food, birthday cakes or any other snacks. We provide Domino's Pizza for full day groups and sell snacks and hot and cold drinks in the reception area. You are more than welcome to bring your own. If you would like to add Pizza to a half day session you can at a cost of  £7.00 per person, this will be delivered at 12.15pm for either the start or end of your session.

  • Supervision

    All players are fully supervised when playing in the gamezones by trained marshalls ensuring that site rules are abided by.

  • First Aid

    There is always first aid qualified staff on site and a selection of first aid equipment at their disposal. We have been inspected by Wiltshire Council and have an impeccable record.

Paintball Venue Directions

Combat Splat Paintball is situated in the Cotswold Water Park, off the A419, between Swindon and Cirencester. Our site address is:

Clay Hill Wood | Spine Road East (B4696) | Ashton Keynes | Swindon | Wiltshire  

For google maps search for 'Combat Splat Paintball' or use the interactive feature on the right.



From the M4

Take Junction 15 at Swindon and head north on the A419 towards Cirencester. Turn left onto the B4696 (Spine Road) signposted for the Cotswold Water Park. We are located about 2 miles along Spine Road, the paintball site is signposted on the left.