Without the correct procedures in place paintball can be a dangerous activity however at Combat Splat safety is always our priority and in most cases we over emphasise just to make sure. Our excellent safety record is evidence that we are doing things right!

How we make our venue as safe as possible:

Players provided with full body overalls and full face, eye and ear protective goggles. All goggles are checked weekly and before each session to ensure that they in good condition. 

Safety talk at the start of the session carried out by the site manager

Two large safety talk summary signs at either end of the reception area for a permanent reminder of the rules in place.

If rules are broken then we have no hesitation in removing players from games should they put others or themselves at risk.

Trained Marshalls supervise each game- at least 1 Marshall per 15 Players and more often than not the ratio is much lower

Safe Zones within the Gamezones for players to go once they are out of paintballs or lives. A clear boundary of who is playing and who isn't.

Signs throughout the venue reminding players that goggles are to remain on and highlight Safe Zone locations.

All guns are regularly speed checked to ensure they are firing at regulated speeds- Between 250-280FPS

All guns have safety catches and between games players are given Barrel Bungs to prevent incidents from accidental firing.

The woodland and all constructions are regularly monitored and checked

Qualified First Aiders on site, marshalls have radio contact at all times and mobile phone carried in case of emergency. First aid kit available in reception area- checked and updated weekly.